Dutch Coehorn Mortars

In my recent posts I described how I created British Siege Artillery.  This was only used once during the Jacobite Rebellion, at the Second Siege of Carlisle in 1745  The Jacobites had left a garrison in Carlisle when they retreated over the border back to Scotland and Cumberland brought up six 18 Pounders to besiege it from 21st to 30th December 1745.

1 - Carlisle

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British Infantry Sappers


All of these field defences and gun emplacements covered in my last post needed men to construct them.  In the 18th Century the British Royal Engineers were all officers and they relied on infantry or civilians for their labour force.

1 - Infantry Sappers


I had already made two Infantry Sappers when I made my Siege Works, but now I thought I would make some more.  These were originally on mud coloured bases, but I decided to change them to green.

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Siege Gun Emplacements

Having made my British siege guns and mortars, I wanted to make some emplacements for them.  I had already made some as part of my siege works, as described in this earlier post on Siege Artillery, but felt that I needed something less elaborate for use in a less formal siege.  I had two sets of Italeri Battlefield Accessories, each of which contained a pair of gun emplacements, of slightly different designs, so I thought I would use these.

1 - Italeri Siege Gun Emplacements

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