18th Century Cavalry

I decided to make most of my 18th Century cavalry in 3 man squadrons, with historically justifed numbers of squadrons per regiment.

British Cavalry



The British cavalry are mostly organised as three squadrons per regiment, and here the 14th (Hamilton’s)Dragoons can be seen.  They are all Strelets Swedish Trabants (Dragoons) of Charles XII.  The sword positions have been changed and the Kettle Drummer is heavily converted from a trumpeter figure.





I have planned to organise the two Light Horse Regiments (Montague’s 9th and Kingston’s 10th) with only two Squadrons each. They would look more like this (although this is actually two squadrons of 13th (Gardiner’s) Dragoons, in the second line, when their third squadron was in the front line.  The officer in front is Brigadier Fowke, who commanded the British Cavalry at Prestonpans.



I have made dismounted versions of my British Dragoons, since they did dismount at Clifton.   Here you can see the 10th and 11th Dragoons.  The dismounted figures are converted from IMEX AWI British Infantry, and their tethered horses are converted from Esci/Italeri Polish Lancers horses.  I replaced the Esci/Italeri horses for those figures with some of the excellent Eagle Games horses (they sell them very cheaply in boxes of 100).


Jacobite Cavalry



My Jacobite cavalry is made from a variety of figures, but mainly highly converted Strelets Napoleonic British Light Dragoons.   These are Strathallan’s Horse.