Rod’s Wargaming website update

Well, I have now finished creating all of the pages giving details of my wargaming and model soldiers.  They can be accessed through the top level menu of Ancients, Horse & Musket and General, all of which have sub-pages.  I will add to these or amend them from time to time, but I think the basic structure is fine.

There is also a Military Historical Research section, containing straight (ie not wargaming) articles.  There are four articles at present, but more will follow.

I will use future blogs to record my latest modelling or wargaming activities, as well as announcing any new articles in the Mitary Historical Research section.

Rod’s Wargaming

I have been chatting on various Military History and Wargaming forums for many years.  A few weeks ago I was involved in a discussion on TMP (The Miniatures Page), in which I mentioned my 1:72 plastic wargame figures, which I have been collecting for over 50 years.  One of the other participants asked if I had a website where these could be seen.  I did not, but prompted by this have now set one up.  There is still a bit of work to do on it, but feel free to look around.  The “About” page tells you a little about me, and the other areas can be accessed from the Top Menu Bar or the Home page.

I have done some straight (ie not model soldier based) research, and a number of articles can be found in the Military Historical Research Section.