18th Century

In 2014 I began creating a 1745 Jacobite Rebellion set-up.  I have many books on the period and had thought about this for a long time, probably due to having a Scottish father and English mother.

There was however a lack of suitable 1:72 plastic figures for this period.  Fortunately this was partly solved by Strelets releasing their two boxes of Jacobites in 2009, and completely solved (for me anyway), by RedBox releasing their three sets of 1745 British Infantry, British Highland Infantry and British Militia and Loyalists in 2013.

Cavalry was a problem, but having looked at what was available I settled on Strelets Swedish Trabants (Dragoons) of Charles XII for my British Cavalry, and I am happy with the result.  My small numbers of Jacobite Cavalry are a bit of a mixture, but include several heavily converted Strelets Napoleonic British Light Dragoons.

Artillery was also a problem.  I decided to use IMEX American War of Independence guns as British 3 pounders, the fully uniformed figures from those sets as British Artillery and those in shirt sleeves as Jacobite Artillery.  I have some 1 ½ pounder curricle guns modified from those in the IMEX American War of Independence British Artillery.  I also have some scratch built Coehorn mortars and slightly larger Royal Mortars, using howitzer barrels from Hät or Italeri Napoleonic Artillery respectively.  The train horses came from Airfix Napoleonic French Artillery or Hät Napoleonic French Artillery Limbers, in both cases with civilian walking conductors.  Some of the British Artillery at Prestonpans and Falkirk (although the latter did not come into action) were crewed by Royal Navy sailors, so I have some of these from the Hät Napoleonic British Marines and Sailors.

You can see some of these figures on the following pages:

18th Century Command

18th Century Infantry

18th Century Cavalry

18th Century Artillery, Engineers and Logistic


In 2017, I plan to expand my 18th Century collection into the War of Austrian Succession.