Hedges may well have featured in several actions during the Jacobite Rebellion, but the main one in which they are mentioned is the Battle of Clifton on 18th December 1745. I covered this battle in a previous post (here) and my model of the battlefield is below, with the field surrounded by hedges in the centre.

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Waterside Terrain

1 - Full size Terrain Boards

My modular terrain boards are home made, since they were first produced over 50 years ago and predate any commercial boards.  They are based on 8mm polystyrene sheets stuck onto 3mm hardboard backing.  Most are 12 inches square and they all have the polystyrene side cut into river or stream sections and the hardboard side blank.  I create a layout of river and stream sections, then flip the rest of the boards over to fill in with blank terrain.  The whole system can be seen here.

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