28mm Black Watch


Amost all of my wargame figures are plastic 1:72, and that includes Zulu War, 100 Years War, Napoleonic, 18th Century and the unpainted plastic mountain of Roman era figures.  The only exception is some home-cast metal Zulus, but they are 1:72 as well.



I do have half a dozen 28mm metal figures, since these were given away free with various supplements to Black Powder and Hail Caesar, which I purchased from Warlord Games.   Continue reading

Jacobite Highland Infantry

I got a bit behind my planned schedule over Christmas and the New Year.  I have finished my Siege Works and will post a blog showing a complete siege soon.

Meanwhile I have been painting another Brigade of Jacobite Highland Infantry, which completes the Jacobite First Line units at Culloden.  This is the Mixed Clans Brigade.


I had already painted one unit of the Brigade, the small (six figure) combined MacLachlan & MacLean Regiment, since they were at Prestonpans, whilst the rest of the Brigade were not.  I have now completed the Brigade and this blog serves as a good example of my modelling and painting technique. Continue reading