Another Jacobite Dismounted ADC

In a my recent post on Jacobite Boats (Part 1), I described how I made a dismounted ADC for the Duke of Perth. I have now decided to make one more dismounted ADC, this time the ADC for Lord George Murray.

He is shown here as a mounted figure on a Command Sabot with Lord George.

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Jacobite Boats – Part 1

I had previously modelled a pair of Royal Navy boats, which were used by 27th Foot (Inniskillings) and a Naval Landing Party, as part of a joint operation with a pair of small Royal Navy Brigs, in their unsuccessful attempt to prevent the Jacobites ferrying their siege guns across the Forth to help besiege Stirling Castle. These can be seem here and a photo of these boats is below.

However the largest amphibious operation of the ’45 was not British but Jacobite and, unlike the British one, it was entirely successful. I wanted the model the boats for this.

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