New Military Historical Research Article

I have published a new article in my Military Historical Research section.  It is on Napoleonic Artillery and can be seen here: Napoleonic Artillery.

The article was originally drafted over 20 years ago as part of a book which I never finished.  There is much better research on Napoleonic Artillery available now, such as books by Kevin Kiley, Anthony Dawson, Paul Dawson and Stephen Summerfield.  However, having published articles on my similar old research into Infantry and Cavalry, I thought that I would add this one for completeness.

New Military Historical Research Article

I have published a new article in the Military Historical Research Section.  This is on Napoleonic Infantry Battalion Structures and looks at how these evolved from the 17th to 18th Centuries and on into the Napoleonic era.  It also looks at the different structures used by various Nations, examines some of the reasons for these variations, and the effect of them on tactics.

Like several of my articles in this section, this article was originally written many years ago as part of a book on Napoleonic tactics, which I never finished.  I have updated it and thought I would share it with readers of this website.

British Converged Light Battalions

My current project of creating modular Siege Works will be finished in about two weeks, and I will set up the whole system to show a siege after that.  There is not much more to say about it until then.  Meanwhile, to fill the gap in blog posts, I have been updating some of the Pages in the Military History Section of the website.

One of the papers outlined the way in which Wellington used all of the light infantry companies in each brigade to create small converged Light Battalions, which then operated as a Brigade asset, rather than remain under their parent battalion’s control (British Converged Light Battalions).

I have now updated this paper and readers of this blog might be interested in my conclusions.   Continue reading