I have used this title to cover crops and man made agricultural activities of various types.

Virtually no commercially manufactured wargames cultivation existed when I started being involved in this hobby, so I made my own.

Ploughed Fields



These are simply squares of cordoroy material.  Since they are flexible they follow the contours of the ground (if they are on hills).




These were one of the very few commercially available items which I bought.  They are Merit plastic hedges.


I have not yet made any of these, but planned to do so for my Waterloo Campaign.  I therefore bought some teddy bear fur from our local craft shop (Hobbycraft) and plan to cut this to size, and paint it light brown.


These are made from strips of scouring pads, left straight on one edge and scalloped on the other.


Toothpicks were used to make the posts, and these were then glued into holes made in strips of cork tiles, which I used as the bases.


They are in 6″ strips and I place them on squares of felt of the same colour as the bases to build up a vinyard.


Olive Trees

I made each tree from different sized circles of scouring pads, then “roughed up” the outside with an old craft knife. The tree trunks are cut off sections of small twigs.


They are on 11″ long strips, so they can be staggered as they are placed on their felt squares, to create the effect of the way in which olive trees are planted in Spain and Portugal.