More Jacobite Infantry


I have been painting up some more Jacobite infantry, starting with Roy Stuart’s Brigade.


Here is Colonel John Roy Stuart himself. He was an ardent Jacobite who had served in the Royal Scots Greys before becoming a Captain of Grenadiers in the French Royal Eccossais.

He was appointed as Colonel of his own Roy Stuart’s Edinburgh Regiment.  I doubt if he would have worn Royal Ecossais uniform, since his French rank was junior to several other officers with that Regiment, but his Jacobite rank was senior to them.  I have therefore shown him in a tartan jacket and plaid.  He is a RedBox Militia figure with an added sword.


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Jacobite Lowland Infantry


So far I have modelled most of the Jacobite Highland Infantry, but only one unit of Jacobite Lowland Infantry, the 1st Battalion Duke of Perth’s Regiment, who were at Prestonpans (with some attached MacGregors).


You can see them here as they were later in the campaign.  They are mainly RedBox Loyalist and Militia, but there is one Revell AWI American Militia figure, two Airfix AWI British Grenadiers and one Redbox British Infantry (as the deserter in the rear rank).  All have Scots bonnets, achieved by headswaps with other similar figures who have been modelled as Loyalist Volunteers wearing tricornes. Continue reading

28mm Black Watch


Amost all of my wargame figures are plastic 1:72, and that includes Zulu War, 100 Years War, Napoleonic, 18th Century and the unpainted plastic mountain of Roman era figures.  The only exception is some home-cast metal Zulus, but they are 1:72 as well.



I do have half a dozen 28mm metal figures, since these were given away free with various supplements to Black Powder and Hail Caesar, which I purchased from Warlord Games.   Continue reading

Jacobite Highland Infantry

I got a bit behind my planned schedule over Christmas and the New Year.  I have finished my Siege Works and will post a blog showing a complete siege soon.

Meanwhile I have been painting another Brigade of Jacobite Highland Infantry, which completes the Jacobite First Line units at Culloden.  This is the Mixed Clans Brigade.


I had already painted one unit of the Brigade, the small (six figure) combined MacLachlan & MacLean Regiment, since they were at Prestonpans, whilst the rest of the Brigade were not.  I have now completed the Brigade and this blog serves as a good example of my modelling and painting technique. Continue reading

Napoleonic French Infantry – Regimental Identification


There was a recent posting on the Napoleonic Discussion Forum on TMP (The Miniatures Page) about how wargamers distinguished between French Infantry Regiments .  I thought that I would post a blog explaining how I do this.

I have based this on the French 92nd de la Ligne.  Their 1st Battalion is shown here in a Column of Divisions. Continue reading