British Garrison Troops

The British Army had a number of troops deployed as garrisons in various fortifications in Scotland.  At the start of the rebellion there were garrisons in Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle.  There were also detachments Fort George, Fort Augustus and Fort William along the Great Glen (Loch Ness, Loch Lochy and Loch Linnhe).  Finally, in early 1746, garrisons were set up in Blair Atholl Castle and Menzies Castle.

Scotland Map

At the start of the campaign, the 6th Foot was deployed with three companies in Fort George, three in Fort Augustus and two in Fort William.  One of the companies from Fort George was taken by Cope as he passed through Inverness, and that company was captured at Prestonpans.  It is not clear where the other two companies were, nor where the battalion headquarters was.  Presumably the Regimental Colours would have been with the headquarters, but there is no account of those being captured when the Jacobites took Fort George and Fort Augustus.  I am therefore assuming that the battalion headquarters, and the missing two companies were in Stirling Castle.  There were four regular companies there, two of which are unidentified, so I think were probably those of the 6th Foot.

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