Prestonpans Houses

I haven’t posted anything on this site for 9 months. I had a knee replacement in early February, then with the Coronavirus lockdown other things have occupied me, including completing two more Military History talks, on the Battle of Fuengirola and Battle of Barrossa. Details of these talks can be seen on my other website here.

During the lockdown I watched one of my favourite films “A Bridge to Far” a couple of times. Inspired by this I have been reading a lot on the Market Garden campaign and decided to make a World War II set-up to recreate this. I have planned all of the Allied forces which I want to recreate and bought figures and vehicles for the British ones. I need to finish planning the Germans, then start modelling this. I will write about it in a future post.

Meanwhile, I thought I would complete my Jacobite Rebellion setup before starting a completely new project. I started by reviewing my scenery for Prestonpans. The only house which I originally created represents Preston House and can be seen on the banner at the top of this website. A larger version of that image is below:

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