Horse & Musket

Most of my wargaming has been in the Horse & Musket period.

When I started wargaming in 1960, my first figures were American Civil War.  These disappeared in Germany in 1967, so I no longer have them, hence there is no page for them.

In 1963, inspired by the release of the film Zulu, I created a Zulu War set-up.  I still have these, although they have not been played with for a long time.  You can see them on my Zulu War page.

In 1969, I made my first Napoleonic unit, and continued to expand this up until recently.  You can see these figures on my Napoleonic page and its sub-pages.

In 2014, I began a new project of figures for the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.  It should be finished next year, then I plan to expand it into the War of Austrian Succession.  You can see these figures on my 18th Century page and its sub-pages.