I painted my first Napoleonic figures (92nd Foot – Gordon Highlanders) in 1969.  I still have these Airfix figures, although they have been re-based a couple of times.

Most of my wargame figures are Napoleonic, since I continued collecting these until about 2013, although there have been a few long breaks due to my Army service.

I have used many Napoleonic rules over the years, from WRG 1971 rules, through Newbury rules, to Black Powder.  The modern rules which I think best reflect Napoleonic warfare are General de Brigade, although I would make some local modifications to them, particularly modifying them to my 1:30 ratio rather than their 1:20 ratio (quite easy since several players on their forum use 1:30 and have produced 1:30 Quick Reference Sheets).  I also do not like their double rank basing, but their rules seem to work perfectly well with my single rank basing.

I have set up sub-pages to cover various aspects of Napoleonic warfare as follows:

Napoleonic Command

Napoleonic Infantry

Napoleonic Cavalry

Napoleonic Artillery, Engineers and Logistic