Passage of Lines

There was a recent discussion on the Napoleonic Discussion Message Board of TMP (The Miniatures Page) about Passage of Lines.  I thought I would post an article about it on this website, and it can be viewed here (or from the Top Menu > Military Historical Research > Tactics > Passage of Lines).


New Military Historical Research Article

I have written a new article in the Military Historical Research Section,  This is on Obstacle Avoidance Drills, which were similar for all Nations during the Napoleonic Wars.  It can be viewed via the top menu or by clicking the link Obstacle Avoidance Drills here.

New Military Historical Research Article

I was chatting on the Napoleon Series Forum a few days ago on the subject of Napoleonic Tactical Drills.  It occurred to me that I did have a chapter dealing with this in a book which I began to write some 20 years ago, but never finished.

I have updated all of the diagrams in this particular chapter and it is now published as an article, entitled “Basic Formations and Movement Drills“, within the Tactics Sub-section of the Military Historical Research Section.  This may be accessed via that link or the Top Menu of my webpage.

The article covers the basic tactical structures which changed little, if at all, throughout the 17th, 18th and much of the 19th Centuries.   I acknowledge that I have relied mainly, although not exclusively, on British Regulations, but all nations used very similar tactical drills at this basic level.  I will publish a future article on Tactical Development during the 18th Century.