Peat Walls

Peat walls were used in Scotland, wherever peat was a more easily obtainable material than rocks to build dry stone walls. One, the Leanach Enclosure, notably featured in the Battle of Culloden, forcing the Atholl Brigade to double their 3 rank line into a 6 rank column to avoid being disrupted by it. This enclosure is shown on the map below.

I found this map online, but modified the shape of the enclosure, extending it slightly northwards, to look more like the illustration in Stuart Reid’s “Like Hungry Wolves”.

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I need a number of walls for my Jacobite Rebellion set-up. I had previously made some Paper Terrain ones for my Napoleonic set-up, but these were white, from their Mediterranean collection. I had used Paper Terrain North European Houses for most of my Scottish houses and these Paper Terrain sets also came with walls, in a cream stone colour which matched those houses.

I had made a few of them when I took the picture of Prestonpans which is used as the banner at the top of the website, as can be seen enlarged here:

The ones above were the only ones which I originally had and I really needed a lot more, so this post is about how I made them.

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