A Tribute to HM The Queen

Seeing all of the news items showing St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, where the Queen’s coffin is resting as I write, reminds me that I made a model of that Cathedral. The real cathedral is below:

My slightly simplified model is here:

I had the privilege to meet the Queen in 1976 when I was commanding a Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal Squadron. Here is a photo of that occasion with her watching my Sergeant Major demonstrating a remote controlled “wheelbarrow” robot. The Queen is looking slightly severe with her arms folded as I had just warned her that there was about to be a small bang.

A year later, I and my wife had a holiday in Kenya, including staying at the Treetops Hotel where the then Princess Elizabeth was staying when she learned of her father’s death and thus became Queen. We were fortunate to be allocated the Queen Elizabeth Suite as our room, although the hotel had been rebuilt by the time we stayed there.

One thought on “A Tribute to HM The Queen

  1. Steve Wroblicky September 13, 2022 / 2:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story. You have led a charmed life. My father stayed at Treetops hotel several times about the same time period as you did. He was a tour leader for doctors wanting to visit Africa.

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