Tented camps featured in a couple of battles during the Jacobite Rebellion. The first was at Falkirk, where the British Army was still in its tented camp as the Jacobites began to deploy, so hastily marched out, as shown in the map of the battle below:

The second was the night before the Battle of Culloden, when the Jacobites made an abortive night march on the British Army tented camp at Nairn.

I decided to make some model tents, which I could use in such scenarios.

I had bought several Paperboys books and tents feature in two of these. There are some ridge tents in their book “Jacobite ’45“. There are also both ridge tents and larger square tents in their book “European Buildings“. I decided to use the latter, both because of more variety in the tents and because I preferred the colour of the canvas of the tents in the “European Buildings” book.

The page of tents in the European Buildings book looks like this. The models in this book are suitable for 28mm figures, so I decided to reduce them slightly to fit my 1:72 (23mm) figures. Actually, after a bit of experimentation, I decided that the tents looked right with only a 5% resizing to 95%.

I also decided that I preferred the look of the lighter shade of canvas so used the Paint programme (available of all PCs) to copy and paste a complete page of 8 tents.

Here is one tent, cut out and ready for assembly. I printed the tents onto 220 gsm card to give them strength. The base is a piece of cork tile with the edges chamfered.

I painted the edges of the base before assembly to avoid my sloppy painting getting on the tent itself.

Here is a completed Ridge Tent. I printed two sheets of these to make a total of 16 Ridge Tents.

I also printed a sheet of the square tents, again in the lighter canvas colour, by using the Paint programme to copy and paste these. As you can see there are four of these tents on the sheet. These are similar to the ones which I used in 1964/65 when serving in the British Army, 200 miles north of Aden in what is now Yemen. We called these “Mug Tents” and they were formed from two ends of a Marquee tent with a single central pole.

Here is a completed “Mug Tent”. I made one sheet, four of them, and thought they would be suitable for Officer’s tents.

I also made a sheet of larger Marquees, which I thought would be suitable for Headquarters tents.

I used the Paint programme to copy and paste elements from the Mug tents to make the Marquees.

The top two rows are the front and back of a two bay Marquee. The bottom two rows are the front and back of a three bay marquee.

Here is a completed two bay Marquee.

Here is a completed three bay Marquee.

Finally, here is a complete tented camp. There is a two bay Marquee as a Headquarters at the centre of the back, with two officer’s tents either side. There are 16 Ridge tents to make up the rest of the camp. I have shown a couple of figures outside the Headquarters tent and a battalion in line in the foreground, to show the scale of the tents compared to the figures.

Next I will make some Jacobite boats, suitable for amphibious operations.

3 thoughts on “Tents

  1. Pete S/ SP January 5, 2021 / 12:10 am

    Those tents looks lovely- so effective for a simple method.




  2. rodwargaming January 5, 2021 / 12:17 am

    Hi Pete,

    I really like paper (actually card) houses etc. They are relatively cheap, easy to make and look good.



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