Additional Crew for Merchant Brig

I originally modelled a 6 man crew for the merchant brig which transported Jacobite siege artillery across the Forth in January 1746.  However, when I modified that same brig to represent the French transport, La Renommée, I gave it six guns.  I therefore needed more crew for its original merchant brig role.

1 - Armed Merchant Brig

I decided that it ought to have exactly the same size crew as the French transport La Renommée, a captain, a helmsman, a mate, 4 mast crew and 3 gun crew.  The gun crew were enough to have one man for each gun on one side of the vessel.  The only difference would be that La Renommée also had 2 Royal Ecossais soldiers on its quarterdeck.  I had already modelled the captain, helmsman, and 4 mast crew, so just needed a mate and 3 gun crew.

2 - Merchant Navy Mate


The mate was converted from a Strelets GNW Swedish figure of Infantry of Charles XII.  I removed his weapons, replaced his head with a grenadier mitre with one with a welded tricorne and removed his cartridge box.


3 - Merchant Navy gun crew


The gun crew were converted from Hät Napoleonic Royal Navy sailors.  They were originally bare chested, but I welded shirts on to them as I felt that they needed warmer clothes in January in Scotland.  I also gave them welded woollen hats.


Here are the completed extra figures of a mate and 3 gun crew.

4 - Completed Additional Merchant Navy crew

Here is the original crew plus the new figures on the merchant brig.

5 - Completed Merchant Navy Brig and Crew

Next I will model HMS Sheerness, the 24 gun Royal Navy frigate which chased Le Prince Charles (the renamed captured HMS Hazard) into the Kyle of Tongue in March 1746.

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