More Paper Soldiers

My 1:72 Plastic Jacobite Rebellion figures are modelled on a figure ratio of 1:30.  I made all my British Infantry battalions on the average size for the Jacobite Rebellion, which was 420 real men, so I modelled this as 14 figures, which accurately represents their tactical organisation for a reduced strength battalion of 14 firing platoons (12 from the centre companies and two of grenadiers).  These plastic figures are based at 15mm frontage per figure, normally 2 figures per stand (therefore 30mm frontage per stand), but some singly (for figure removal, which I like).

I wanted my Paperboys figures to occupy the same frontage.  They were originally 28mm high figures at 4 figures frontage per 40mm wide stand.  I reduced that by 70% so that the stand now had a 30mm frontage and the figures are about 20mm high.  They were originally in 3 ranks, but I modified that to a single rank, the same as my plastic figures.  That means that my Paperboys figures are on a figure ratio of 1:15, so 28 figures for an average British battalion.

I have now made three more battalions, and all four can be seen below:

1 - Four British Regiments

On the left front (as you look at it) is the 57th Foot, right front is 58th Foot, left rear is 55th Foot and right rear is 6th Foot.  I modelled all of these as complete 28 figure battalions, but the only one which was complete at Prestonpans was the 57th Foot.  The 58th Foot had two of its companies in Edinburgh Castle and the 55th Foot had only 5 companies present, the other 5 being in Berwick Castle.  There were only 2 companies of 6th Foot at Prestonpans, the remainder of the battalion being spread out in Stirling Castle, Fort George (Inverness), Fort Augustus and Fort William.

The three battalions with yellow facings have identical Paperboys figures, apart from their Regimental Colours (flags).  Rather than the generic flags which come with Paperboys, I have used the paper flags which I originally made for my plastic figures.  Here you can see those for 6th Foot and 55th Foot.

2 - 6th and 55th Foot.jpg

6th Foot (Guise’s) have a badge of an antelope, plus a tiny VI in Roman numerals in the centre of the Union Jack.  55th Foot (Lee’s) have their Regimental number as LV Regt in Roman numerals in the centre of a wreath.

Similarly here are the command stands for 57th Foot and 58th Foot.

3 - 57th and 58th Foot

57th Foot (Murray’s) has a yellow colour with their Regimental Number of LVII Regt in a wreath.  58th Foot (Lascelles’) has a white colour with a red St Georges Cross (as did all British battalions with white facings).  This has their Regimental Number of LVIII Regt in a wreath.

The next Paperboys figures I will model are the two Highland Regiments of 43rd Foot (Black Watch) and 64th Foot (Loudoun’s) which had a few companies at Prestonpans.

5 thoughts on “More Paper Soldiers

  1. Tony Kitchen November 14, 2019 / 11:19 am

    Nice looking figures , are they fiddly to cut out ? .


  2. rodwargaming November 14, 2019 / 1:07 pm

    Hi Tony,

    I think they are quite easy. I use a combination of straight nail scissors for the outsides plus a craft knife for the spaces between the legs and any delicate bits (eg around a halberd). It takes me about 2 hours to cut and glue each 28 figure British battalion.



  3. Pete S/ SP November 15, 2019 / 10:57 pm

    Great work. Probably quicker than traditional painting methods.




    • rodwargaming November 15, 2019 / 11:10 pm

      Hi Pete,

      Yes it is probably 5 times faster than modelling my normal 1:72 plastic figures.



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