Royal Naval Landing Party

1 - RN Landing Party Figures

There were a couple of lesser known amphibious operations during the Jacobite Rebellion, one of which involved a Royal Navy landing party of some 100 men, so I thought I would model these.  My only suitable models were Hät Royal Navy sailors and I chose two figures from that set.


2 - RN Landing Party Converted

I decided to model one figure as a Petty Officer and three figures as sailors.  However the figure I thought was most suitable for the Petty Officer (because he was wearing a short jacket) was carrying a musket and the sailor was carrying a pistol and cutlass.  I therefore decided to swap their weapons.


I also gave the Petty Officer a belt over the right shoulder with a scabbard suspended from it, and the seamen belts over the left shoulder with cartridge boxes on them.  I made one other conversion, to change their round hats into the small tricornes which the Royal Navy was wearing in the mid-18th Century (the round hats did not come in until the 1770s).  In fact they would probably still have been wearing baggy knee length shorts in the 1740s, but I could not find any suitable figures for that, and I did not feel like making such a massive conversion.  I had already used some of these Hät Napoleonic Royal Naval figures with modern trousers to crew British artillery for both Prestonpans and Falkirk, so accepted that anachronism.  Here are the completed figures.

3 - RN Landing Party

The Petty Officer has a red waistcoat under his blue jacket.  The three sailors are in shirt sleeves, with different variations of blue stripes and check patterns on their shirts.  They also have different coloured neck scarves.

I need to make some waterside terrain and some Naval vessels, then I will post a blog about these amphibious operations.



3 thoughts on “Royal Naval Landing Party

  1. Marvin August 17, 2019 / 8:44 am

    A very nice group. Looking forward to seeing the amphibious operations they’re a part of.


  2. rodwargaming August 17, 2019 / 12:02 pm

    Hi Marvin,

    I am just making some waterside terrain, then I need some vessels (I have the model kits all ready) and I will finally be able to construct the amphibious scenarios of Capture of HMS Hazard in Montrose Harbour, Battle of the River Forth and Dornoch Firth Assault.



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