28mm Black Watch


Amost all of my wargame figures are plastic 1:72, and that includes Zulu War, 100 Years War, Napoleonic, 18th Century and the unpainted plastic mountain of Roman era figures.  The only exception is some home-cast metal Zulus, but they are 1:72 as well.



I do have half a dozen 28mm metal figures, since these were given away free with various supplements to Black Powder and Hail Caesar, which I purchased from Warlord Games.  

We often give our grandchildren small presents and I was looking for something suitable to give my 8 year old grandson.  He is massively into his collection of monsters, knights, soldiers, spacemen etc, all of which participate in his games regardless of scale or era.

I thought I would paint up the 28mm metal Highlander figure, which came with the Black Powder supplement The Last Argument of Kings, and give my grandson this as a present.




I painted the figure as Black Watch, exactly like the illustration on the front cover of The Last Argument of Kings supplement.





Here is the rear view of the same figure.  I used the same techniques for painting as I would for my 1:72 figures.  The tartan was a dark blue base, dark green overstripe and thin black top stripe.  The light made a bit of a shine on the jacket but it is actually matt.



The base is card with melted plastic built up on top, exactly as I do with my 1:72 figures.

I am quite pleased with the result, but will stick with my 1:72 plastic figures, since they are a fraction of the cost, and take up less space than 28mm ones.  I have also built up such a large collection of 1:72 figures that I have no thought of changing scale now.

Needless to say, my grandson was delighted with his present, and has promised not to play too roughly with the figure.

3 thoughts on “28mm Black Watch

  1. simonsmrt December 31, 2021 / 12:36 pm

    Nice project. I gave a sprue of HaT Colonial British Lancers and a Boer Ox wagon to an 8 year old this Christmas as well that went down very well.
    The down side was that I also came across an ACW Command sprue at the same time and in a moment of weakness bought that for myself. My eyesight really isn’t what it used to be and gluing the arm onto the mounted figure has taken me 5 attempts this morning.


    • rodwargaming December 31, 2021 / 4:47 pm

      Hi Simon,

      My eyesight is also not so good nowadays, although I use a pair of magnifying lenses which I can clip onto my normal glasses which helps. They came from Hobbycraft and were quite cheap.



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