Fortress Glacis


I have two versions of a 15mm PaperTerrain Vauban Fortress, one the original and also the smaller one seen above, which has the original bastions (the diamond shaped corners), but half length walls and a modified gatehouse.  I wanted glacis (the outer banks) for both of these, but felt that the PaperTerrain card ones were too steep an angle for my figures to stand on them, so I made my own.  This blog describes how they were made.



The glacis sections have a 20mm high wall (including the base) on the counterscarp (side facing the fortress) and then slope away at a gentle angle for 90mm.





To ensure that all of the angles of the sides were the same, I printed off sheets of thin card with the profile which I wanted, then cut them out.


I similarly printed sheets of wall sections.




I then cut out polystyrene shapes for each glacis section, glued the side profiles and wall sections to these (using PrittStick, since it is not spirit based so will not melt the polystyrene), and glued these to a cork tile base (using PVA glue, again not spirit based).




The next stage was to create the slope of the glacis by cutting away some of the polystyrene, using an old (but sharp) kitchen knife, and following the line of the card side profiles.






The shaped glacis sections then looked like this.






I then covered the glacis sections in a thin layer of Polyfilla (a plaster filler), using a pallette knife to smooth it down.  I use a quick drying one which sets in a few minutes.







Here it is, all ready for painting.






And here is the painted version.  It is slightly curved at one end, so that when the sections are joined up they follow the line of the fortress walls.




Finally, I made some breached versions, with the wall blown in (by a mine), which can then be used during a the final stages of a siege.  I now have all of my siege works completed and will post a blog showing this after Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Fortress Glacis

  1. Larry D. Gilmore January 13, 2017 / 5:57 am

    Hello. My name is Larry Gilmore. I’m a retired museum curator in the U.S., & also a long-time wargamer. I really appreciate your website, especially the historical articles. Is there any chance of ever getting the full text of your journal article on British battalion establishments, or do copyright restrictions prevent it? I am leaving a link below for a Spanish-language military forum which contains a series of period illustrations of the Spanish colonial militia & volunteer units that opposed the British attacks on Buenos Aires and Montevideo in 1806-07, which I hope you will enjoy.

    Best regards & wishes for a prosperous New Year!


    • rodwargaming January 14, 2017 / 3:08 pm

      Hi Larry,

      I will send you a copy.

      Best wishes



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